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500 tons new design metal scrap alligator shear Clicks:984Date: 2021-09-20 11:13:31

500 tons new design metal scrap alligator shear

This is our new design of metal scrap tiger alligator shear machine:


This shear machine has below advantages:

> Adopts alligator type, popular and economical.

> Easy to opearte and maintain, low cost maintainence.

> Electrical Button control, Foot control is optional.

> No need foundation, just put it on horizontal ground is ok.

> Output capacity rangs from 500kg-4000kg per hour, 5-50tons per day.

> Cutting frequency can be upto 15-20times/Minute, more efficient.

> Adopts German Hydraulic technology to promise the machine run smoothly and stably.

> Adopts international brand of hydraulic pump and valves to prolong the service life of the shear machine, durable and reliable.

> Lower price, economical option for your business, it's ideal shear machine for your choices.

> Strong Structure, latest new design keep machine running well.

> Every parts of shear machine adopts China famous brand.

> Adopts Siemens PLC, Schneider electrical componets to keep the alligator shear running well.

> The motor adopts China famous brand of Wuxi Jinlong, stable and realiable.

> The pump adopts China famous brand of HengYuan pump, durable.

> Adopts famous brand of sealing rings and O rings to problong the service life of shear machine.

The shear machine has many types:

1. Normal alligator shear machine

2. Horizontal container shear machine

3. Vertical shear machine.

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