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Types of shafts for single shaft shredder machine Clicks:1128Date: 2019-10-24 11:13:37

The shafts of single shaft shredder machine has several types, and use which type of shaft depends on what kind of materials you want to shred, it has below 4 types of shafts:




1. The welded base of balde:

This kind of  shaft is low cost and easy to maintain and replace the baldes, warmly welcomed by most customers.

2. The shaft is processed wholely without welding:

This kind of shaft is durable, and not easy to damage, price is a bit higher, at the same time, also easy to maintain and repair.

3. The shaft is processed wholely with welding durable steel on it:

This kind of shaft is very durable, and can apply all kinds of materials, specially for hard rigid materials.

And you can choose sutiable shaft according to your requirement.

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