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How to recycle waste copper cable wire? Clicks:1095Date: 2020-01-28 12:25:20


First, we need to know where are these waste copper cable wire from?


1. From our household use, when we renovate and rebuild the house, and it will generate lots of waste copper and aluminum cable wires, and most of these waste cable wires are very thin, it is about 1-2mm diameter.

2. From the damage car or truck, as we all now there will be more cable wires in the car, it is used to control the car, and recent years, many many cars are damaged according to government’s car management policies.

3. From the all kinds of industries, as the society develop so fast, the waste cable wire will be more and more.


Then how to recycle these scrap copper cable wires?


At present, there are 5 kinds of recycling the waste cable wire:


1. Manual peeling method: this method uses manual peeling, which has low efficiency, high cost and poor operating environment;


2. Incineration method: incineration method is a traditional method, which burns the plastic skin of waste cables and then recovers copper. However, the flue gas pollution is very serious. At the same time, the surface of copper wire is seriously oxidized during the incineration process, which reduces the metal recovery rate. This method has been strictly prohibited by the governments of various countries;


3. Mechanical stripping method: the cable stripping machine is used for processing, which still needs manual operation. It is semi mechanized, with high labor intensity and low efficiency, and it is only applicable to the treatment of thick diameter cables;


4. Chemical method: the technology of chemical treatment of waste cables was put forward in the 1990s. It was studied in some countries and also in China during the Eighth Five Year Plan period. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that the waste liquid can not be treated, which has a great impact on the environment, so it is rarely used;


5. Freezing method: this method was also put forward in the 1990s. Liquid nitrogen was used as refrigerant to make waste cables brittle at very low temperature. After crushing and shaking, the plastic sheath was separated from the copper line. During the Eighth Five Year Plan period in China, the project was also established. However, the disadvantage of this method is that the cost is high and it is difficult to carry out industrial production.


But above 5 methods have more disadvantages such as more labor cost, environmental pollution, and now no people use these methods.


New method of recycling the waste copper scrap cable wire:


Base on above disadvantages, Diloya Group develop and design new method of recycling waste cable wire:


1. First we use Single shaft shredder machine to shred the waste cable wire into small pieces with about 20-50mm.


2. Then we use Plastic granulator machine to crush the small pieces of waste cable wire into 2-10mm granule size.


3. Then use the Gravity separator to separate the waste copper granules flakes from the waste cable rubbers, and this way, we get the pure copper granules without any dust.


4. At last we use the Copper granules/swarfs briquetting press machine to press the pure copper granules into small cylindrical blocks with very high density, and the density can be up to 8tons per cubic meter, easy to transport and stock, can improve the product rate of melting.


The whole processing line of waste scrap copper cable wire adopts PLC automatic control, easy to operate and maintain, large output capacity, save more labor cost, more efficient and economical, very suitable for waste scrap copper recycling center.

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