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How to operate waste cardboard horizontal baling machine? Clicks:1247Date: 2019-11-15 16:11:39

Please find below Automatic operation process of the waste paper baling machine:

1. String the packing rope through the automatic elastic tight device behind the Du vertical waste paper beating machine, and place it along the belt groove. After that, tie the packing belt to the bottom of the packing groove, rotate the automatic elastic device 90 degrees, close the bottom door and lock it.

2. When the material is loaded to the pressure plate height, close the door and press the "down" button. The equipment runs automatically and compacts. (the feeding height of materials other than cardboard can only be slightly higher than the bottom door).

3. When the pressure plate moves downward and reaches the maximum pressure, it will return automatically and return to the fully open position. During the compression packing constraint, the pressure plate stops at the preset position of the compressed material.

4. Open the door of the equipment, pass the binding rope through the bottom slot from front to back and return to the front through the pressure plate slot, and tie the tie rope tightly by hand. Push the packing rod by hand, push the pull rod to a fixed position and clamp it tightly. Press the "up" button, the return of the oil cylinder will automatically turn over the bundled bundles. (it is not allowed to stand in front of the door when opening the lower door, so as to avoid accidental injury caused by door bounce)

5. After the bale is ejected, reset the packing rod for downward pressing. Finally, remove the bundle, close the door and lock it to enter the next packing cycle bale.

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