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How to maintain the baling press baler machine? Clicks:1365Date: 2019-09-19 11:11:21

Baler is also known as baling machine or strapping machine. It is a machine that uses strapping tape to wrap products or packages, and then tightens and connects both ends through thermal effect melting or using materials such as buckles. The function of the packer is to make the plastic belt cling to the surface of the package to be strapped, so as to ensure that the package will not be scattered due to loose binding during transportation and storage, and at the same time, it should also be bound neatly and aesthetically.

According to different standards, the baler machine were classified as follows:

1. According to the use: waste paper packer, metal baler, straw baler, cotton baler, plastic baler, etc

2. According to performance: automatic packer, semi-automatic packer, manual packer, etc

3. According to the mechanism: unmanned packer, automatic horizontal packer, fully automatic sword piercing packer, fully automatic pressure sword piercing packer, fully automatic pressurized packer, portable packer, etc.

Precautions for baler maintenance

Packing machine maintenance and lubrication: the maintenance and lubrication of the machine should be carried out on a regular basis. First of all, pay attention to keep the machine dry. Do not let it rain or put anything with moisture on it.

Reference is provided here:

1.Once a week, remove the chips or dirt from the machine

2.Once a month, clean and lubricate the upper slide plate, middle knife and front top knife mentioned in the previous section.

3.Once every three months, in addition to the above two maintenance, add some lubricating oil to all (shaft, center) and bearing.

4.Replenish the oil in the gearbox every two years.

5.It should be noted that several parts can not be oiled: a belt feeding and returning roller. B all belts. C. slip plate and surrounding.

6.Do not add too much oil each time, so as to avoid the failure of the micro switch due to oil immersion.

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