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Black Annealed Wire

The Black Annealed Wire is usually for horizontal baling press to strap the bale of OCC, ONP, waste cardboard box, old corrugated cardboard, pet bottles, plastic films, old newspaper, waste clothes, old clothing and other scraps.

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Accessory Details

The rolls of black annealed wire are put on wire devices, when the bale is pushed by main cylinder, then the black annealed wire will be around the bale and tightened, then the bale is finished, Designed for strapping use, Adopting secondary annealing, Flexible.  



Wire Spec

Diameter (mm)

Roll Weight (kg)

Roll Length (m)












1. What kind of baler machine need this kind of black annealed wire?

There are many baling press machine can use the black annealed wire, such as horizontal cardboard baling press machine, vertical old news paper press compactor machine, automatic pp strapping baler pres machine, fully automatic pet bottles baler machine.

2. How to use the black annealed wire when using the baling press machine?

We will design and provide complete drawing and other all documents when installing horizontal compactor baling press machine, if you need our technicians to your place, we can guide you workers to install cardboard box press baler machine.

3. What is price of the black annealed wire?

The price of the black annealed wire is different according to the length, diameter of the black annealed wire, you can leave a message or call us for a offer of the steel wire, then we will provide you economical and suitable black steel wire accordingly.

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