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Desktop Electrical Scale

Desktop Electrical Scale is usually used for weighing bales or weighing materials from all kinds of baler machines, such as wiping rag bagging press baler machine, cotton rag bagging press machine, old clothes baling press machine...

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Accessory Details

The desktop electrical scale is usually installed after or before baling press machine for counting the bale, such as wiping rags bagging press baler machine, industrial rags bagging bailing press machine, then how to use it? Just put the bale or wiping rags on the weighing scale, then you can read the weight of each bale, that’s so easy to operate and maintain.



Table Size (mm)

Loading Weight (kg)





1. What kind of baler machine need this kind of Desktop Electrical Scale machine?

There are many baling press machine can use the weighing scale machine, such as short fibers/cutting wiping rags bagging press baler machine, vertical lifting chamber old clothes baling press machine, cotton wool baling press baler machine, wood sawdust bagging press baler machine, wood shavings bagging press baler machine.

2. How to use the Desktop Electrical Scale machine when installing the baling press machine?

We will design and provide complete drawing and other all documents when installing fully automatic horizontal baling press machine, if you need our technicians to your place, we can guide you workers to install wiping rags bagging press baler machine.

3. How to get the complete solutions of baler machine and Desktop Electrical Scale?

Fist, you need provide us your plant drawing, and we will design a complete solutions for you according to your plant drawing and your special requirement such as final bale size, output capacity and other needs.

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