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Double shaft Shredder Blade/Knife

The shredder blade/knife is usually used for shredder machine to shred all kinds of scraps such as plastic scraps, wood scraps, aluminum scraps, metal scraps, steel barrels and other scraps.

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Accessory Details

The shredder blade/knife is installed on double shaft shredder machine, the plastic scrap/aluminum copper scrap and other scraps such as plastic barrels, wood pallets, steel barrels, light scrap metal, aluminum engines, aluminum copper radiators are put into the shredder machine, finally, these scraps are shredded into small size flakes and pieces according to your requirement, then transfer to next processing machine.



Diameter (mm)

Thickness (mm)
















If you have special requirement, we can customize according to your needs.


1. What kind of shredder machine need this kind of blade knifes?

There are many single shaft shredder machine can use blade knifes, such as wood pallet shredder machine, light metal scrap shredder, steel drums shredder machine, automobile shredder machine, waste steel wire shredder machine, waste cables/wire shredder machine, waste tire/tyre shredder machine etc...

2. How to install the blade knifes when replacing on the shredder machine?

Firstly, you need to stop the shredder machine, then open the shredder machine through the lifting device, then disassemble the old blade knifes, put the new blade knifes onto the rotor bases, then close the shredder machine, at last you can use the double shaft shredder machine as usual.

3. How to choose suitable blade knifes of the double shaft shredder machine?

Before choosing the blade knifes, you need to clarify what final flake size after shredding will you need? Then we will suggest you economical and suitable blade knifes according to your requirement.

4. What is material of the double shaft shredders blade knifes?

There are many kinds of materials on the shredder blade knifes, such as international famous brand of Japan brand SKD-1, American brand of D2, and famous brand of china Cr12MoV, and other material 9CrSi, you can choose suitable blade knifes for your great business.

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