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Metal Scrap Magnetic Separator

The Metal Scrap Magnetic Separator is usually for separating metal scrap from plastic scraps, non-ferrous metal scraps and other mixed scraps, and these scraps are from double shaft shredders.

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Accessory Details

The metal scraps, plastic scraps and mixed scraps are conveyed onto the magnetic separator by conveyor or other tools, and then the metal scrap and other scraps are separated and into separate conveyors, can improve the productivity rate, more efficient, it’s the best and economical machine for recycling center’s great business.



Width (mm)

Output Capacity (t/h)

Power (kw)






1. What kind of shredder machine need this kind of magnetic separator?

There are many shredder machine can use separator machine, such as light scrap metal shredder machine, white household appliances shredder machine, non-ferrous metal scrap shredder machine, waste cable and wire shredder machine.

2. How to use the magnetic separator machine when installing the double shaft shredder machine?

We will design and provide complete drawing and other all documents when installing light scrap metal shredder machine, if you need our technicians to your place, we can guide you workers to install ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap shredder machine.

3. How to get the complete solutions of shredder machine and magnetic separator machine?

Fist, you need provide us your plant drawing, and we will design a complete solutions for you according to your plant drawing and your special requirement such as final flake size, output capacity and other needs.

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