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Copper Cloves Scrap

What profits can we get from Automatic Hydraulic Briquetting machine for Copper powder? Where to find find cheap High quality Brass Turnings baling machine? What is trade term of Low cost Brass Chips briquette machine? Diloya Group can provide you suitable baler machine and best offer accordingly.

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Application Details

Where does the copper cloves come from?

The copper cloves come from the copper wire and cable, and the sources of waste copper wire and cable inlude below 5 items:

1. Building demolition and renovation: when a building is renovated or demolished, the copper cables and wires are offen removed, or are replaced with new copper cables and wires, and then will be treated as waste scrap.

2. Electronic equipment recycling: Copper wires and cables are present in electronic equipment such as computers, phones, televisions; when these electronic devices become outdated or need repairs, the copper calbes and wires are offen recycled and treated as waste scrap.

3. Industrial and commercial waste: A large amount of copper wire and cable waste are generated in industrial and commerical production, usually from surplus or out dated equipment in the manufacturing process.

4. Waste household applicances: With the progress of the times and technological innovation, more and more household appliances are gradually eliminated, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, ovens, rice cookers, and a series of waste household appliances, so a large number of waste copper wires are produced.

5. Waste car copper calbe wire: With the improvement of people's living standards and the enrichment of material life, people will pursue more comfortable cars, so a large number of cars will be scrapped, followed by a large number of waste copper wires.

Regardless of where waste copper cables and wires come from, they can be processed through recycling and reuse to reduce environmental impact and conserve raw materials.

How to crush and granulate the waste copper wire and cables?

1. First, we need to clarify the waste cables and wires, because there are different copper wires and cables, such as different diameter of copper wire and cables, different material of copper, so We need to classify these waste copper wires according to their diameters to maximize the benifits.

2. Then we need to buy a suitable and economical granulator or crusher machine to granulate the waste copper wire and cables, then we get the copper rice granules and rubber granules.

3. At last, we need to use a vibrating screening machine to separate the copper granules from the rubber granuels, then we get the pure copper granules.

The Copper Cloves Scrap Briquetting Press is mainly compress the metal chips, aluminum chips, brass chips, bronze shavings, aluminum shavings into small bales with high density for metal manufacturer to remlelt again, easy to transport, stock and can highly improve the rate of melting, can make more profits, it has other names such as China Bronze Millings baler,Best performance Bronze Shavings briquetting press,Best Performance Copper Drillings briquetter,Factory price Brass Shavings briquette machine,High quality Brass Swarfs briquette machine,High Quality Bronze Drillings baler,SBJ Bronze Shavings briquetter,Automatic Copper Borings briquette machine,Automatic Bronze Powder briquetting machine.

Applicable Machine

Please find below briquetting press machine for copper cloves scrap:

We not only have these baler machine, but have other machines such as Low Cost Copper Millings block making machine,China Bronze Shavings briquetting press,Low Cost Brass turnings block making machine,High density briqeutting press for Metal turnings,Low cost aluminum Turnings baler,Y83 briquetter for Stainless Steel shavings,Best performance metal Chips baling machine,315ton Aluminium Chips Briquette Making Presses,SBJ Brass borings block making machine,SBJ Aluminum Millings briquetter,Low Cost Brass Drillings block making machine,Vertical Brass Borings briquette machine,Factory price metal Chips briquetting machine,High Quality Copper Drillings briquetting press,Hydraulic baling machine for Metal chips,Vertical Bronze Chips baler,Automatic Copper Turnings briquette machine,Factory Price Cast iron powder block making machine,Y83 metal Swarfs baler,Vertical Bronze Borings briquette machine,China metal Powder briquetter,Vertical aluminum Chips baler,Automatic Hydraulic briquetting machine for bronze swarfs,SBJ Copper Chips briquetting machine,Automatic Bronze Drillings briquette machine,High Density Hydraulic briquetting press for bronze borings,Vertical Brass Millings briquette machine,High density briqeutting press for Aluminum borings,SBJ Brass Drillings block making machine,Low Cost Metal Millings briquetting press,High Density Copper Drillings briquette machine,Y83 aluminum Chips baler,Low cost Bronze Borings baling machine,Best Performance Copper powder block making machine,High Density Copper Drillings baler,SBJ Copper Millings briquette machine,Low cost steel Swarfs briquetter,Automatic Vertical briquetter for Copper swarfs,SBJ Cast Iron Drillings briquetting press,Y83 briquetter for Aluminum powder etc... Please contact with us if you have any questions.


Please find below pictures of copper cloves scrap:











> How do I decide the model of Best performance Copper Shavings briquetting machine that I need? 

First, you need to know what bale size and bale weight are popular in your local market, then you produce the bale weight and bale size, and we can suggest you suitable model of wiper baler machine accordingly, Before this, you need to make investigation in your market, you can inquire your end user etc..

> How much would High quality Copper Powder briquette machine , its installation, and training cost me? 

The price of baler machine is different according to different bale size, bale weight and output capacity as for the installation, training cost, the machine is very easy, just put it on horizontal ground, adding hydraulic oil, connect to power supply, then operate per user manuals.

> Which country have you exported the Best Performance Copper sawrfs block making machine? 

We have exported the bbriquetting press machine to many countries such as  Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran , Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, America, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and other countries. 

> How much price of High density Bronze Powder briquetting machine? 

Price of the machine is different, depends on how big of the machine is, but we can give you a word that our price of the machine is lower with high quality.

> What are the service requirements of the Low cost Bronze Swarfs briquette machine? 

No need special requirements, just contact with our technical team, that is ok, we can get everything done.

> How can i know you are a manufacturer or trader of Best performance Copper Turnings baling machine? 

You can visit our factory personally, also you can ask technical drawings such as 2D drawings 3D Drawings, we have professional technical team working on this, and will not give you these if a trader, because they don't have ability on this.

> Are you a manufacturer or a trader of China Copper Shavings briquetting machine? 

We are true manufacturer of briquetting press machine, we have our own technical team, R&D team, have many processing machines, and you are warmly welcome to visit our factory personally.

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