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Aluminum chips briquetting press machine Clicks:804Date: 2018-10-08 14:00:05

What is briquetting press machine? 


How to use the briquetting press machine? 

What is advantage of briquetting press machine? 

The briquetting press machine can briquette the aluminum chips, metal shavings, copper granules, cast iron chips into small cyindrical block with high densiy, easy to transport, stock and can improve productivity of metling these chips shavings.


Types of briquetting press machine

   1. Veritcal briquetting press machine

This kind of briquetting press machine mainly used to briquette the loose metal ships with small shapes such as cast iron chips, copper granules etc...  The bale weight can be up to 20kg, and approx. 200-300 bales per our.

   2. Horizontal briqeutting press machine

The horizontal briquetting press machine can press all kinds of metal chips, shavings etc... big output capacity, and the cost will higher. The bale weight can be up to 100kg, and approx. 20tons per our.

   3. Three rams automatic baling press machine

This kind of baler machine mainly compress the aluminum shavings, and chips, it has a bigger hopper, which can hold more shavings and chips, and output capacity is very big.

And these 3 types of machine have their own advantages, and you need to choose the most suitable and economical machines according to your own special needs.

We, Diloya Group, Can provide you the best solutions and offer according to your requirement.

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